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Why JJ feels passionate about allowing companion dogs on buses as well as the Lyttelton ferry


I can take my two small dogs on the ferry from Diamond Harbour to Lyttellton but I cannot take them on buses.


I dislike leaving them alone at home for long periods. Many people have raised this with me.  I have raised it with the relevant authorities without success. Its not seen as an important issue. 


Many senior citizens and disabled people rely on their dog companions and stay home as they will not leave them. This makes for even more isolation and further reduces social contact.


Time to change this rule! If I have a louder voice and get the community behind me, we can get it done!

   Banks Peninsula  Candidate for  Christchurch City Council  and Community Board  


JJ Smith has strong views on

  • Allowing companion dogs on buses as well as ferries

  • Improving the quality and availability of water for Banks Peninsula residences

  • Indigenous forest regeneration

  • Speeding up council decision making and reducing rates 

Watch JJ's campaign video here.... 

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Improve the quality and availability of water for Banks Peninsula residences

In many parts of the Peninsula households are still reliant on trucking in water to fill their tanks.

We need a plan to extend pipelines to as many areas as feasible. The heavy chlorination of our water has to go and we need our pure clean tasting water back! 

Regenerate Indigenous forests

 Banks Peninsula is a unique and iconic landscape with its two large ancient volcanic cones, steep and deeply incised slopes and numerous isolated bays. It has also experienced the worst excesses of exploitation, with over 99 per cent of its indigenous forest being removed.

Speed up council decision making and reduce rates 
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The time to act is now!

Resource consent should be about safety and sustainability, it shouldn't be a long drawn out process to get  infrastructure built or upgraded to keep a farm or business running. Let owners erect simple structures on their property without excessive red tape.

Decisions need to made on crucial areas in the Banks Peninsula region:

  •  Replacement of Godley House -  the public has spoken lets get it done!

  •  Transport management of coaches in Akaroa/Lyttelton around cruise visits has dragged on for years

  •  Bike trails/walking track concepts have spent years bogged down by too many thinktanks and vested authorities.

We need to think smarter/better and faster while reducing rates and waste  


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Elect JJ Smith

Call: 021 0873 7502


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